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What if Plastic Recycling was more accessible?

Updated: Feb 23

Precious Plastic Cincy grew out of learning that 9% of plastic was recycled in the US. I began my research process into actions I could do from 2017-2020. The best viable solution I found to addressing this challenge was through an international movement of plastic recycling I joined called Precious Plastic. I was the founded the Cincinnati group of Precious Plastic and ran the organization for around 3 years.

The good.

Typically in my research process, I’m stalled by lack of infrastructure. By working with this framework, I could get started quickly because I had plenty of examples to follow. I found my humble 200 square foot leased warehouse building.

I created lasting relationships with the University of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and Rheaply and many other community partners over the course of 3 years.

See more about what we worked on on this page that talks about the project:

Beauty in The Struggle?

Building a business is hard and I never wanted this project to be one. I think legally I thought I had to because of the LLC discourse. I took it down both the non-profit and LLC path and this work is meant to be a functioning business.

As I learned more, I realized my interest lies in the process and mobilizing people toward a common goal rather than endless growth. Over 3 years we built some really awesome, inspiring work that made people really question materials and the world around us and that is the success - critical thinking and material literacy.

Where does this project live now?

With all projects, the hope is they can self sustain themselves, but this project lives on as a time capsule that proves people give a shit, but maybe not as much as saving money :( and that is an important practical consideration as people explore alternative plastic recycling methods further.

This project laid the groundwork for The Remake Project which is a project mobilizing people towards supporting sustainable work. Check that out here:

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