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  • Cyrina Thomas

Incubating Ideas

Updated: 6 days ago

From 2020-2024, I had studio space in Cincinnati. It really became aparent recently how many ideas I could incubate because of access to this flexible industrial space. I had a generous donor (myself - my parents for helping me get here 🥲) who made this possible.

Students Get It

My favorite part of my projects were advising students. They have the time to dream and always have really bold ideas. I like blending my knowledge of supply chain and practical solutions to help brainstorm and build out what we need to see in the world.

What does this look like without an incubation space

Since I moved to Lansing, I closed up the studio space to reset and figure out what’s next. What I’ve found is I still have the time to advise on projects and it opened up the door so are broader than reuse and recycling.

I am excited about what is next!

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