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How can I help more people find jobs?

Updated: 2 days ago

Search, Apply, Hope?

The current training for applying for jobs looks like this: search, apply and wait.

This doesn't work in 2023. Yes as a standard, you do need to do so, but it is the additional pieces that are missed or just not known because the standard career centers are still structured before Linkedin was a thing.

Before you apply? Optimize your LinkedIn and Resume

Ensure that your Linkedin is even up to date and optimize for buzzwords! Some tips on key updates below:

Headshots - You need one!

  • If you are in school, or live near your alma mater go to your career center and ask for support. Some career centers offer this as a service for free or will hold events to do this so use your resources.

  • Search Eventbrite for networking events that might offer headshots. Every blue moon you might come across one which is a double win because now you have a headshot and some new connections.

  • Another affordable option is to use family pictures. We had some scheduled to take as a family and I asked the photographer to take a headshot which worked out great. Look how cute I am here lol

  • Look up options nearby for folks who specialize in headshots on social media platforms using hashtags or straight up on Tik Tok

  • AI Headshots - These typically don't go well for Black folks (given these aren't trained using us -_-), but if you decide to consider this option it can look a little fake so ensure you prioritize the ones that look the most like you in real life because I have seen these look a little too glammed up and the goal is just to have a headshot that has a clear image of your face and the background isn't too distracting.

Skill Endorsements

The skills section is a simple way to showcase and prove your strengths as a professional and you can get friends to endorse your skills to add some social proof to the skills. I recommend asking peers, classmates, mentees, and mentors for endorsements. They are broken out into a few sections: Interpersonal, Tools/Technologies, and Industry Knowledge.

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Teamwork

  • Collaboration

  • Communications

  • Tools and Technologies Skills

  • Think of skills that you use in your industry.

  • Industry Knowledge

  • These knowledge sets are more specific to your job. As a procurement professional, I gained knowledge in Negotiations and Sourcing Strategy Development so these became skills I added. You know your industry and the things you will learn so think through the topics you learn on the job and add them accordingly.


Recommendations aren't mandatory, but can go a long way in adding more meat to your profile similar to skill endorsements, but the difference is this requires a bit more effort. Ask people who know you personally and professionally to get the most authentic response.

Headline - Place the title you want on your Headline

  • You may see a title underneath the headshot. This is the LinkedIn Headline. Ideally, you put the job title you are targeting. If you are targeting, becoming a planner put "Urban Planner"

Work Experience vs Volunteer Work Experience

Consider every experience that you have had as you build out your profile. There are times when it can be helpful to put some volunteer experience in your regular work experience especially when it is directly related to the jobs you are applying for.

Projects - Adding Credibility to Your Work Experience

Add projects to your profile and link them to work experiences. This can add depth. For example, if you worked on a job that worked on a large public project add it to your profile even if you were not the project lead and it can help showcase the skills you developed and add more connection to the Work Experiences you mention.

Resume Tips
  • Focus on Action Verbs for this section and using each bullet points to tell a story using the STAR method (

  • You need numbers in your bullet points. Find ways to do this by talking about:

  • The number of projects

  • The scale of the project (in dollar values)

  • Increases in Sales

  • Matching action verbs tense for every section on the listed resume sections

Applying - Linkedin and Beyond

The Quicker the Better: Best practice, apply within the first 2 days of the application going live. In nonprofit world, it’s a little different because of less applications and the job may not be posted on LinkedIn so you don't know how many folks have applied. Put yourself in the shoes of your recruiter. They got 50+ applications. If they find a few winners within the 50, they will just move forward regardless of the deadline. Don't let the application deadline give you a reason to wait to apply.

Alternative Job Boards - They aren't alternative job boards so much as boards that centralize postings that focus on common themes or working location.


Social Impact

Remote Work



  • ClimateBase

Online Communities

Online communities focusing on specific themes can be helpful to find targeted roles not posted. These roles could be posted on these boards vs. Linkedin for a variety of reasons, but that is not important. Here are some examples:

Extra Tips

More to Come!

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